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PersonLogic offers powerful enrichment APIs and data files for people intelligence. Use our products to build enriched or new person profiles into your apps, products, and tools.


PersonLogic builds the best APIs and data products to connect, engage, and understand people. Leverage our database of 1 billion people to scale faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Person enrichment API

Leverage 1 billion person records to enrich the data you already have. Take a data point such as an email address or LinkedIn URL and receive back up to 100 data fields on that person.

Data Files

Get access to new person records in the form of .json or .csv files. Data categories include contact, work, education, location, and social information.

developers first

As a data science company, we believe data is best utilized and implemented by developers and data experts. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details such as integrations, you can use our data products to solve hundreds of use cases without limitation.


PersonLogic is always improving. Our elite engineering team constantly iterates upon every aspect of the PersonLogic product stack. From our enrichment APIs to flat files, expect to always have access to leading edge technologies.

Global Scale

PersonLogic helps power over 1,000 companies across a wide range of industries. Headquartered in San Francisco with employees around the world, PersonLogic is transforming how businesses use data at a global level.

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